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Family Testimonials

Dan was the "inside knowledge" to what we needed to get us through the process in a smart way.  Having been a college coach for so long, he knew what to do when and what the coaches were thinking.  -Parent of Student Athlete

Dan Fodrocy's recruiting knowledge has helped our son tremendously over the last year.  The recruiting process can be confusing and Dan's expertise and advice made the process much more clear. -Parent of Student Athlete

Being a former Division I football player, the recruiting game has changed dramatically since my playing days more than 30 years ago.  Dan provides realistic analysis, provides expert guidance, and has a huge network of college coaches to gauge the current recruiting climate. -Parent of Student Athlete

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AREN has made a huge impact on the recruiting process for our football program at Coopersville.

Dan's knowledge of the ever changing world of recruiting has been an outstanding help to me as a head coach with my day to day job.

It's reassuring to know he'll respond to texts and provide insight about each athlete and their individual situation.

-Head Coach Coopersville HS(MI)

Dan has been an outstanding resource for our program, our players and a constantly available guide to our parents.  I coached college football for 16 yrs - over the course of the last 9 yrs that I have been a HS head coach, recruiting has changed drastically - the rules, the methods, social media etc.  That has contributed to the most turbulent time period that we have seen.  Dan keeps us up with these changes to consistently help us advise our kids in this ever changing landscape.

If knowledge of your environment is still an important element of having success - then AREN is a no brainer.

-Head Coach Canon-McMillan HS (PA)

Dan Fodrocy's recruiting expertise has had an immediate impact on our program. His resources have been phenomenal for our coaches, players and parents. More important, has been the personalization he provides. Our players/parents know they can reach out to him at any time and he will help them. ​ 

-Head Coach Flowery Branch HS (GA)

Dan helps recruits and families find their way through the extensive recruiting process. His background as a former College Coach gives him the expertise in an ever evolving field.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for help in navigating the collegiate experience

-Head Coach Cedar Creek HS (LA)

Program Testimonials

"I am extremely passionate about helping kids continue in collegiate athletics. Prior to AREN and Dan Fodrocy I just navigated the process myself, like a used car salesman. Once our program joined AREN and partnered with Dan we have taken our programs recruiting to a new level. Dan has become an integral part of our program and we will never do this without him!"  

-Head Coach Arrowhead HS (WI)

Working with Dan Fodrocy and AREN has been an invaluable asset for our program. Dan's experiences as a player and coach offer up insights and information that we otherwise would not have had access to. Dan goes above and beyond to make sure that his clients are informed and are putting themselves in the best position possible to make the right decision for their futures.

As a high school head coach, I cannot express enough how helpful Dan has been to myself and our players. With the nature of college football today, it is more difficult than ever to stay informed on recruiting. Dan has allowed me to best serve the future of my players as they navigate the recruiting process. I highly recommend high school programs and athletes work with Dan!

-Head Coach Ithaca HS(MI)


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