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Affiliate Consultants

Joel Nellis

High School Head Football Coach - Wisconsin Affiliate Consultant

"I felt it was important to partner with AREN to give our families and players additional recruiting support. Football recruiting is extremely difficult to navigate, especially with all of the hype on social media. Having additional guidance and the information on academics, financial aid and timelines has proven to be invaluable for our program."-Joel Nellis Affiliate Consultant*

"A foundation of Athletic Recruiting Education & Navigation is in fact the high school coach.  As AREN has grown I have seen the immense impact the high school coach has on their prospects and their families.  Joel is not only knowledgeable about the recruiting experience but he guides student athletes and their families THE RIGHT WAY.  Joel has a passion for the process but more than anything he approaches recruiting with honesty and integrity both with families as well as with college coaches.  It is really a perfect fit to bring Joel into the AREN family and allow him to share exactly what AREN LLC is about and provide feedback to coaches in Wisconsin with the benefits of how AREN LLC can impact their programs THE RIGHT WAY." _Dan Fodrocy President AREN LLC


AREN Services

For the High School Coach:

  • Guidance on how to gain exposure for your athletes
  • NCAA/NAIA timeline guidance
  • NCAA/NAIA legislation interpretations and what it means for you
  • Guidance on how and when to communicate with college programs
  • Team and family recruiting sessions
  • Guidance pertaining to questions from parents
  • Summer prospect camp guidance
    • Mega camps vs individual camps
  • Transfer Portal guidance

For the Prospect and Family:

  • Highlight video organization and structure consultations
  • Guidance on how to communicate with college programs
  • NCAA/NAIA timeline guidance
    • What's important now and what's not
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid/Grant & Aid consultation
    • What's fact and what's not
  • Guidance on understanding the NCAA/NAIA recruiting timeline and what to do
  • Summer prospect camp guidance
  • NIL guidance

What to Know regarding Colleges and Universities

  • Each school has its own individual admission standards and practices.
    • Being a NCAA qualifier does not guarantee you admission.
    • Colleges and Universities can and do have school specific grants that can be applied to your financial aid package that are unique to that University.
    • Colleges and Universities can and do have fees that are unique to that University.
    • College programs recruit at their own individual pace.
  • They are required to follow NCAA guidelines, but individual programs determine their timetable for verbal offers, un-official visits etc…

Receive Expert Advice From Dan Fodrocy 

At Athletic Recruiting Education & Navigation LLC, I provide affordable recruiting coaching services to parents and high school coaches in Waukesha, Wisconsin and different areas nationwide. I understand that you only want what’s best for the student athlete in your family or school. That’s why I’m dedicated to helping you understand the athletic recruitment process and make the right decisions when it comes to it.

Let’s begin! Reach out to me to schedule an appointment.

The first consultation is free of charge.

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